Analisis prioritas pembangunan dan pengembangan jaringan jalan di Provinsi Papua


The aim of the study was to discover the condition and potential of road development and factors affecting its development. The study was a survey using a questionnaire to stakeholders as respondents. The data were analyzed by using multi-criteria analysis, namely scalogram and hierarchy process. The results of the study indicate that the region condition affects the road network development especially in the area with difficult topographic conditions (mountainous) which become the constraint in the development of l.a.nd transportation. The main priority in handling the road network is region development. The other factors are accessibility, mobility, and hierarchy of road network. The three factors are not quite different from each other, but they have a low effect on the road network performance!. The prioritiy of road development is from Jayapura to Wamena to Mulia, Waena to Arso V, Jayapura to Hamadi to Holtekamp to PNG Border.

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