Acentrogobius limarius a new species of goby (Pisces: Gobiidae) from West Papua Province, Indonesia


A new species belonging to the gobiid genus Acentrogobius is described from mud-bottom habitat in 26 m depth on the island of Batanta in the Raja Ampat Islands of West Papua, Indonesia. Acentrogobius limarius is described on the basis of eight specimens, 17.033.8 mm SL. Diagnostic features include the combination of 10 segmented dorsal and anal rays, usually 19 pectoral rays, and a live colour pattern featuring a mid-lateral row of four, large black spots, scattered orange to brownish spots on the head and body, a pair of brown stripes across the cheek, and conspicuous dark spotting on the dorsal and caudal fins. The species is particularly unique for the genus in possessing the combination of transverse cheek papillae, a single transverse row of chin papillae, and scales completely covering both the cheek and opercle.

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