A new species of rainbowfish (Melanotaeniidae), melanotaenia garylangei from Western New Guinea (Papua Province, Indonesia)


A new species of rainbowfish, Melanotaenia garylangei, is described on the basis of 15 specimens, 4278 mm SL, from Brazza River (Eilanden River system) at Dekai village in the central southern part of Papua Province, Indonesia. The new species belongs to the Maccullochi group, a clade inhabiting southern New Guinea and parts of northern Australia. It is most similar to M. ogilbyi from the adjacent Unir river drainage, a species that shares most meristic and morphometric features and parts of the colour pattern. Melanotaenia garylangei is however clearly distinguished by having more rays in the second dorsal fin, and by conspicuous iridescent blue coloration of adult males along the upper lateral body between the head and first dorsal fin. This brings the number of described species in the Maccullochi group to seven.

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