A new species of Damselfish ( Chrysiptera : Pomacentridae) from Irian Jaya Indonesia


A new species of pomacentrid, Chrysiplera pricei, is described from 48 specimens collected during 1991 at Yapen Island, northern New Guinea (Indonesian province of Irian Jaya). It belongs to a complex of closely related species containing C. hemicyanea (Weber), C. oxycephalus (Bleeker), C. parasema (Fowler), C. sine/airi Alien, and C. springeri Alien. Colour pattern differences provide the best means of separation. C. pricei is the only member of this complex with a combination of blue upper body, whitish ventral parts, and a small black area around the vent and genital papilla.

Sumber : http://museum.wa.gov.au/sites/default/files/A%20NEW%20SPECIES%20OF%20DAMSELFISH%20(CHRYSIPTERA%20POMACENTRIDAE)%20FROM%20IRIAN%20JAYA,%20INDONESIA.pdf